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2010-09-12 04:52 pm

Petrifying Practice

It's forty-eight days until Halloween, and I'm practising a couple recipes this month so I can make ghoulish delights all October. I'm no baker and a sorry excuse for a cook, but when it comes to creepytreats I actually enjoy making them and am therefore determined to become kind of Halloween idiot-savant in the world of cookery.

Sparkling Candy Corn Cookies )

Much fancier than my cookies, I also got these adorable Moonstruck Halloween truffles. :3

AND, I picked up a copy of October Dreams, a horror anthology, at the library. It's HUGE and atmospheric and pure and has like a hundred talented and respected authors, and I wish I never had to give it back to the library ever. I would so be a book hoarder lol.

I've been finishing up my submission for [ profile] regulus_fest, and soon I'll be doing my Halloween cards for the winning bidders over at [ profile] help_pakistan.

The weather is juust starting to get comfortably fresh and cool for Fall, I have arts and spooky treats to eat and spooky stories to read and dear dear friends. Now is good.